Friday, November 16, 2007


For the 104th time, The Game will commence tomorrow at noon (EST).

My prayers have been with the little man to the right all season. He gives me hope. He struggles against the odds. He is the hardest working back in College Football. He is Michael Hart.

For 4 years I have had the privelege of watching him bulldoze through every obstacle in front of him. Ive literally forgotten about the worry of a lost fumble. He has fallen forward for more yards than I can count. He has picked up a team that I had given up on.

1 year ago today, Bo died. A little piece of me did as well. I cried on the inside, and refused to let all of the OSU fans who surrounded me know how much it hurt to lose the godfather of michigan football.

Tomorrow Michael Hart will take the field in the Big House for the last time. He will take on OSU for the last time. He has carried the team for the last 2 years, nearly single-handedly.

He could have gone pro. He passed on millions for the just one more chance to beat OSU. He does not belong in this era of College Football. His coach didnt ask him to come back - he did it for himself - he did it for his team. Though some may see this season as a failure, I guarantee you that if he can lead the team to victory - you will not see an ounce of regret on the face of our little engine.

I sprained my ankle Monday. I would gladly take every ounce of pain from his sprain and add it to mine if I could. I want to see his smile after the clock has struck 0 and he has his W against OSU. I want that for him more than I want the W for me. He has given me hope every Saturday he has taken the field.

Run, Michael, Run.

Go Blue.