Thursday, August 26, 2010

The house that was almost ours ( 6801 s meadow glen westerville, OH )

So we found a home that we thought was a good bargain - 6801 south meadow glen , in Westerville Ohio.

The home was beautiful, and we entered a contract to buy the home. We knew the house was priced to accomodate some work that would need to be put into the house, but we were assured the only work needed was asthetic.

We were very excited until our inspector told us we needed to look at something. Water damage coming through an external wall that had left rot on a joist in the floor, visible from the basement.

There was also a vertical crack in the basement that leaked when a rain storm came through a few days later.

We asked the builder to fix these two issues, and we'd be all set. They told us it would be done, then a week later they counter-offered (their own offer) to offer a $750 credit. The repairs would cost at least $1500, and WAY more if there was mold in behind the wall.

There is no way we would buy a house without knowing where the water had come from, and whether or not it was still an active problem.

I hope the next homebuyers of 6801 meadow glen in westerville ohio know what they are getting into.