Friday, June 22, 2007

My first blog - nipples

Those of you who know me probably are afraid to read on - let me put those worries aside. This post will have absolutely nothing about womens nipples. I am here to tell the whole world about MY nipples. Well - actually - just my left nipple. (If I had more time right now I would insert a picture of it HERE for your viewing pleasure.)

Fortunately for you - I do not have time to. I am waiting for 2 friends to show up before we drive to yet another friend's house where we will consume large quantities of pizza (thanks Frank!) and then have his wife so kindly drive the 7 of us to the airport.

This post is not about where I am flying to, who I am going with, or the high hopes for an all out guys weekend I hope we have. Although - as this post is about nipples - I will include that hopefully our trip will involve a trip to hooters. hooters

This post is about my bleeding nipple.

Where did my bleeding nipple come from you ask? (ok - you didnt ask and may not care, but Im going to explain it because its really bothering me right now).

It all started 8 weeks ago when I made an off hand comment to a guy I work with about how if he wasnt careful - he would end up looking like another guy we work with who should probably watch the Seinfeld episode about the mansier.

I meant nothing serious by the comment, but it stuck, and next thing I know I agreed to start training for a 5k with him. We finished our first 5k in 24:40 - not horrible for the non runner type frame god has gifted me with.

So this morning I absent-mindedly forgot to pack a shirt to run in . (We go every day at lunch). I however, had in my desk the shirt we got for running in the breast cancer 5k. I wore it. It was raining. The shirt has decals all over it. Foolish design. Must make a note to complain about this - although it will be ignored.

Got done with 3 or so miles, nipple hurting. Looked down, nipple bleeding. Not happy.

On a side note - this weekend is ComFest - an excuse for hippies, gays, and all others that are usually associated with the alternative community to gather and do drugs and eat fair food. We ran through commfest today - fortunately no painted sagging breasts were out in the open. (Hey - they have nipples, so they fit into this post).

So while waiting for my friends, I got to wondering what people do about nipple bleeding. I went to Google, pondered whether this was a good decision, then searched for bleeding nipples. Fortunately it appears as though this is not yet a porn fetish.

I did however come across this site -

I found this

After my initial bout of laughter, I am now contemplating a purchase.
BTW- all reviews of these products are from men, I find that interesting. I may have to look into why.

Time to get running (not actually running)- I will follow up soon with this weekends happenings. No cameras will be allowed though - so it will be yet another blog with no good pics.


Lovanna said...

Ha, other than your grammatical errors, nice for a first blog.

Kurk said...

Whoa. Perhaps you can try covering it with a nipple cover. :P