Friday, July 25, 2008

Help me identify my dog

weeks ago Lovanna and I decided to get a puppy. Well - let me clarify: We decided to go to pounds to look at dogs - just to look.
First we went to the Franklin county dog shelter. I don't like going there, its depressing seeing the sad state all the animals are forced to live in. I admire those who would adopt from there, I was too bothered by the feces everywhere, and the huge pit bulls jumping out from every corner. As soon as one dog barks, you have the London symphony orchestra on your hands..
We looked at a little rott, but it was still too big for Lovanna. As much as I love them, I can see why shes intimidated. The little 20 pound pup will soon outweigh her..
On to the Capital Area Humane Society. Short drive and we're there. The place is almost empty. From the Franklin county shelter to here, the disparity was incomprehensible. Why haven't they learned to share the burden of caring for the animals?
The only cute dog we see is a little Chihuahua (sp?) but his teeth look like a miniature version of the scene where Jaws is trying to devour the oxygen tank.
Into the last room, and I'm coming to the realization looking for a cute puppy that both Lov and I will like is going to be next to impossible.
Until I turn the corner.
Sitting in the cage all by herself is a teenie little black and brown puppy. Who knows what breed she is, but darn shes cute. Its a pound, shes probably a mutt...
A few minutes later and I knew she was my next dog - well if Lov would go for it. She did.
The pound adoption sheet reads misc. shepherd. Shes now 12-14 weeks old and 15 pounds - Im not thinking Shepherd. The girl taking care of her at the pound guessed she was part Miniature Pinscher. That size sounds a little me accurate.
So for the last 5 weeks we've been thinking our dog is at least part min-pin, probably part something else. Then this past weekend I went to my grandparents.. Grandad is something of a terrier aficionado - he thinks shes something called a Manchester Terrier.
Time for more research - sure enough she looks just like the pics of the min-pins, and the terriers. I go to sites that are supposed to help you distinguish. You look at the shape of the ears, the length of the legs, the coloration, the "thumbprint" and the spots on her cheeks. From what I can tell she may be both..
So if any of you are experts - chime in and let me know what you think!

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