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Well in order to get an inspection or appraisal, then homeowner would be the only one that could let you in. Now in the circumstance of a vacant home, then I’m not sure how you would obtain access. That’s why the sales are buyer beware and buy as is because we can not get you inside the home for an appraisal. And if we could and the inspection came up bad and your bank decided to not lend you the money, then you would be out your deposit. The deposits are non-refundable.
I can not recommend an attorney, but I would definitely look for one that specializes in real estate law and foreclosures. They would be the best to help you.

Subject: RE: Individual purchasing a house
Thank you for the quick response. The whole process is quite intimidating.
Would it be safe to assume my only hope of acquiring a home through a sheriff's auction would be a scenario where the previous homeowner granted me access to the property?
One more question - does the Sheriff's office have any recommendations for attorneys familiar with the sheriff sales process?

"Sheriff Sales"

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"Sheriff Sales"

RE: Individual purchasing a house

Hi Will!
I will do my best to answer your questions.
1. Typically the balance is due within thirty days of the confirmation being filed, but terms do vary on different properties and you’ll need to check the ad for full terms in the Delaware Gazette to make sure that it is not 30 days from the date of sale. The thirty days is typical for how long it takes from sale date until confirmation date. Different reasons can hold it up, so it can take longer, but most are running thirty days. Therefore you’ll have 60 days to pay full balance from date of sale, pending on the terms of sale.
2. Unfortunately at no time during the process of the Sheriff’s Sale does the Sheriff nor the bank have access to any of the homes that are up for auction. Therefore we can not get you inside the property to do an inspection/appraisal.
3. This question is something that you need to discuss with your attorney as I can not answer legal questions.
Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

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Subject: Individual purchasing a house
Good morning,
I recently attended the last Sheriff auction and have a few questions that are not directly answered by the FAQ.
1) I understand that 10% of the appraised value is due when you bid. If I bid on a house and win, when exactly is the full balance of the winning bid due? Is it due when the judge signs the confirmation? Or is it due within 30 days of the confirmation? Additionally, is 30-60 days a fair estimate of how long it takes to go from winning bid to confirmation?
2) While I have the cash for the downpayment, I do not have cash for the whole balance. I will need to secure a loan, but my bank has told me they will not close on a loan until they have completed an inspection on the house. Is there a time period between when I have made the winning bid and when the full balance is due where I will have access to the property in order for inspections to take place?
3) If the previous property owner is willing to make a copy of the keys before confirmation is complete, is there any legal reason I could not enter the property to do inspections?

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